UMAMI Ibiza Sushi & Bentō


He studied a higher degree in cookery at the CdT in Valencia.
He started in the restaurants Harajuku and La Sushería de Colón, in Valencia, with Hiro San, the chef who has influenced him the most.
After two years he moved to Ibiza, where he currently lives. He has been in charge of the sushi bar at the Jockey Club (Salinas).
He has also worked at the restaurants Sushi Club, Sushi&Tapas and Tastem (Valencia).
In 2013 he settled permanently in Ibiza, working at IBIZA GRAN HOTEL (La Gaia) and CASINO IBIZA, as head of the Japanese bar.


He trained at the CdT in Valencia.
He worked in traditional, market, fusion or vegetarian restaurants and, finally, Japanese cuisine in Valencia.
He moved to Ibiza, where he worked at the IBIZA GRAN HOTEL (La Gaia), consolidating the restaurant that it is today, together with his boss and friend.
He continued to develop his Japanese cuisine in some destinations outside Spain, such as Switzerland or New York, which has allowed him to learn from great professionals.
He is a fan of Nikkei cuisine.
He considers himself a tireless perfectionist and enthusiastic…